Gas Fireplace Insert & Electric Fireplace Insert Horton, KS 66439

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We had a great opportunity to help this family out in Horton, KS this past week.

We first met with the homeowners when they had problems with their gas fireplace. They called us out to fix their gas fireplace insert.

When we did an inspection on the gas unit, we discovered that gas was leaking out of the valve assembly. Which obviously is very dangerous! This could not be fixed so the only plausible solution was to replace the gas direct vent insert completely. After doing some photoshop renderings of some possible solutions for the homeowner, the fireplace you see here, was the one chosen!

While doing renderings, the homeowner asked if we could install another insert in their basement. Their basement did not have gas plumbing ran to the fireplace, so we explored other options. Which lead us to the impressive, heat producing, beautiful electric fireplace insert, that you see below. Many people think these electric inserts are actually gas inserts (I’ve been told by homeowners in past).

The homeowners were thrilled and we loved helping them out!

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