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Wanting to actually get some real heat out of your fireplace and improve its appearance at the same time?

A gas fireplace insert is a factory built fireplace system that can be installed into your current masonry fireplace.

Why are these so much better than a set of gas logs? Well there’s a few reasons. Direct vent insert fireplaces use outside air for combustion; vs a traditional fireplace where it uses your household air for combustion. A traditional fireplace uses the household already heated air from you HVAC system to fuel the fire making the rest of the home colder because a fire can consume 500 cubic feet of air a minute! Where as a direct vent uses the air from outside to fuel the fire. Additionally, the fuel is managed very well so less is needed to deliver 5x’s the heat. An insert heats up the unit and a blower blows air from the room, around the unit, and shoots it out into the room from over the top of the fireplace. Direct vents also have thermostatic controls so you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home; just like your wall thermostat!

The aesthetics are second to none and the usability and LOW maintenance is yet another reason people go with direct vent gas inserts for their fireplace.

Want to know if your fireplace can be outfitted with a gas insert? Give us a call today to schedule an appt!

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