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CSIA Certified. What it Means & Why You Should Care

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Chimney Safety Institute of America

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certification represents a rigorous and comprehensive qualification focused on extensive literature, practical working knowledge, and code comprehension. It necessitates ongoing commitment through numerous Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as time progresses. We have helped dozens and dozens of individuals take pride in the fact that ALL of our technicians, and the owner are certified, and all of our apprentices are studying under them to do the same. We are a culture of learning, and growing to better ourselves and our team.

The CSIA ensures our adherence to high standards, continuous education, and is THE benchmark of excellence for all those that consider themselves to be among the best. We will never send a technician out to your home who is not certified by the CSIA. While our lead technicians may have an apprentice accompanying them for training purposes, we will never send a technician who hasn’t met the standard of care set by the CSIA to handle the task independently.

It may come as a surprise that a significant majority (90%) of fireplace and chimney companies in the United States (and 95% within our local area) lack this certification and actually don’t have ANY formal training. We strongly encourage you to verify if the company you intend to engage with is listed on the website and possesses genuine certification. Please visit to conduct your search.

Ultimately, when you invite an industry professional to inspect your fireplace and chimney, you are compensating them to provide a comprehensive assessment. It is crucial to have someone who is well-versed in the relevant codes pertaining to the many various fireplace and chimney types, brands and manufactures of over 100 year time frame. Knowing the appropriate clearances to combustibles for all types of fireplaces, having the right tools like thermal imaging to see through walls and ceilings, time spent doing CEU classes to maintain the acclaimed CSIA certifications to know the latest code revisions enacted to prevent fire incidents… these things are a must to keep you and yours worry free for years to come.

The owner is a second generation sweep with over 20 years of experience between his fathers company and CFAC. Its in their blood to continue the tradition, standard of excellence, and quality service. We don’t have customers… We have Clients, and we serve them for life!