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Need An Inspection?
We Can Help!

Ensure the safety and compliance of your fireplace and chimney. Our professional inspections, carried out by experienced CSIA certified technicians with years of expertise, guarantee that your fireplace and chimney meet code requirements, remain structurally intact, and pose no risks to you and your loved ones.

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Witness Your Fireplace’s Health

Should you need a repair, replacement or overhaul, we will be sure to include the available options to help you stay in control and make a decision that fits your family perfectly.

As part of our comprehensive inspections, we include a camera scan of the flue system for the fireplaces we assess. Witness a live feed in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to see precisely what we observe, while we provide you with valuable education about the various components of your system. We take LOTS of photos (200 on average) and document everything we see.

Trust us to ensure your fireplace and chimney are in optimal condition, safeguarding the well-being of your family.

Don’t Wait Until It’s
Too Late!

Need an inspection? We can help! We use specialized camera equipment to inspect the internals of your chimney to insure you are safe, along with inspecting all other parts of your system. A report with the photos taken at your home is made at the time of the appointment, and if issues or repairs are found, we explain why those issues are in need of resolution and the different ways you can go about making your system whole again. We take the time.

Inspections Made Easy

Call Us For a Consultation

We start every fireplace remodel with a consultation to discuss what your hopes and dreams are. We will do a Photoshop session of your different ideas until we get it just right!

Engineering Blueprint

We’ll Help You Plan and Budget

The next step is picking through the designs, planning what goes into this remodel, and making your dream fireplace fit your budget.

Sit Back and Let Us Do The Work

When we come to do the remodel, we’ll treat your home like ours. Let us design and build your dream fireplace and watch it come to life.

We had an electric fire place with tile and new hearth installed. They did a great job. Beautiful work, a very timely install and pleasant workers.

Wes Andres


Wes Andres Review (1)

The repair on my chimney looks FANTASTIC. Very prompt and helpful crew, who cleaned up well after the job was done.

Karla Denton


Karla Denton Review (1)

We had a gas fireplace insert with a basic mantle. But we wanted to convert it to a wood burning fireplace, with stone framing it in. Certified Fireplace & Chimney did a great job bringing our vision to life.

Megan Thompson


Meghan Thompson Review (1)

Inspection FAQs

Below are a few questions that are frequently asked reference our inspections!

When do I need an inspection?
How much is an inspection?
I already had an inspection done, why do I have to do it again?

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Contact Us

Please contact us or leave us a message detailing how we can assist with your fireplace and chimney needs!

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