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Chimney Inspection

Routine chimney inspections are essential to stopping little problems before they become large problems. Also they can keep you and your family safe.

Here at Certified Fireplace and Chimney, we do camera scans of the interior of your chimneys flue system to check for any abnormalities or dangerous issues. Without using a camera to scope the flue, it’s really impossible to do a through inspection.

Many people call us out to do chimney sweepings and tell us they don’t need an inspection. We can’t do that however, because if there is a preexisting condition or issue that your chimney has, we want to know about that before we start scrubbing the flue. We feel this is a better value to the customer as well, because if there are issues preventing you from using your fireplace, you won’t want to spend the money to have it cleaned!

We start each home visit with a level 1 inspection to give you a baseline of your fireplace and chimney. At this point we go over with the homeowner what we are seeing by showing pictures and educating the homeowner of their system. If there are issues seen at this phase, many times it limits the options on what can be done to rectify the issues. We go over remedies and decide if going to a level 2 inspection is the proper next step.

For a level 2 inspection we run a camera up the flue and show real time the true condition of the flue. This allows us to give the homeowner a true, full inspection of their entire system.

We type up a report and print it out at your home; at the time of the visit! We put it in a binder with all the photos we took at the visit and detailed explanations of the pictures. Then in the event your system needs corrective action, we include multiple pages of example pictures and lists of options the homeowner can take to resolve said issues.

Homeowners love this because it’s not an all or nothing approach. Many times an issue can be patched vs having to be rebuilt or a costly repair be made.

A visit can last from an hour to 3 hours depending on the difficulty of access. We always take the time to do a through inspection however.

To schedule your chimney inspection, drop us a line or email us!

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