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Chimney Repair

Want to ensure your chimney isn’t leaking or deteriorating? That’s what was occurring with this project. We came out to complete a level two inspection of the fireplace and chimney after the homeowner had her roof re done and she was told the chimney had some issues. She told us during our visit that she has seen books near her fireplace get wet from time to time. During our inspection process we discovered there were a few issues on the outside allowing water to enter into and around the chimney. The crown, which is essentially the roof of the chimney had multiple cracks in it which being a near flat surface guarantees moisture getting into them. The brickwork was starting to spall as well. This is from water getting into the brickwork either on the inside from water through the cracks in the crown or through the brickwork retaining moisture because they are very porous. Then during the fall when it rains during the day and freezes at night this water gets trapped in the bricks and freezes and expands so much that the bricks pop there facing and in some cases can deteriorate the brickwork in entirety. Another moisture entry point was the flashing. This is often missed because flashing on a chimney can appear to the naked eye like it’s in good condition however, it is possible to have “pretty flashing” and at the same time a leak that ruins a ceiling from it.

After showing the homeowner her options of repairs and replacements we came up with a solution that was effective and that was in our clients budget. After completing the crown repair, flashing repair, and protecting the brickwork with a industry leading moisture protection we greatly reduced if not eliminated moisture entry in these areas.

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