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Woodburning Stove and Remodel

How much for a cleaning? That’s how this project started a few months ago. Homeowner wanted to have us just do a sweeping because the fireplace had been inspected in the past by another chimney company. A few questions later we find out that the homeowner had not had a Certified Chimney Professional do a Level Two Inspection since they purchased the home over a decade ago.

How important is an inspection if for a decade the fireplace has not shown signs of it being terminal? In this case it likely could’ve been a sad story. The inspection revealed a flue fire had occurred without the homeowner knowing and that the flue system was compromised and damaged to the point combustion, heat, flame, could escape the fireplace and flue system and end up in the wooden chimney chase running through the middle of the home. We were able to catch this, document it, write a report for the homeowners insurance company. Insurance gladly paid to have the fireplace and flue system replaced because a flue fire more often than not is a covered item in your premium. We were able to remove the fireplace and replace it with this nice and new, warranted, hi output fireplace. Homeowners decided to spend a little bit more and have the fireplace facelift done to complete this remodel.

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