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Installation of Electric Fireplace w/ a Tile Facelift

This homeowner was experiencing soot in the home, a poor operating fireplace, and anesthetic that did not match their updated home. The homeowners called us out to do an inspection on their fireplace. After discussing all available options, the best course of action for them was to go back with an electric fireplace instead of another gas unit. Electric fireplaces are different than electric inserts because they do not have to be installed in a masonry chimney. An electric fireplace can be installed anywhere! They deliver exceptional heating, efficient design, and a gas fireplace look. Many homeowners cannot tell the difference between electric fireplaces and modern gas fireplaces. After doing a photoshop rendering to help the customer visualize their end result, we were able to give an estimate that did not change throughout the job. We were able to pick up materials that exactly matched their vision.

What a gorgeous design these customers had. We were glad they chose us to help them accomplish their vision. If you’d like help accomplishing your vision, call us today!

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