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Installation of Wood Burning Insert & Chimney Rebuild

Need a chimney rebuild? We can help! Many people’s chimneys deteriorate without them even knowing, or, they see it deteriorating and they don’t know what to do! This chimney was beyond repair and needed to be rebuilt. They wanted to keep the antique look of the chimney but have us build it with modern life time warrantied parts. We were able to rebuild their chimney to code the right way the first time. Homeowner tried many other companies to fix the problem with little repairs but found it was nickel and dining them to death. Sometimes fixing something the right way the first time is actually the cheapest repair. As my father once said “the most expensive repair is the one you have to do twice” and in this homeowners case-4 times.
While fixing the chimney the homeowner decided it would be best to go ahead and get the fireplace up to code and ready to burn, since it had also deteriorated externally. We built a wood burning insert system that checked all the boxes and left the homeowners and their loved ones warm and cozy physically and mentally knowing they could burn a fire in their home and KNOW it wouldn’t be consequential.

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