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Masonry & Chimney Repair

Homeowner called us out to help them out with their spalling brick work. After doing a thorough inspection, we found that the issues didn’t stop at just the brickwork. The customer had many gaps in their flu from water entering the chimney and washing away mortar joints. This allows combustion from burning their fireplace to get back to the home potentially. We decided the best course of action was to install a stainless steel liner in their chimney, cut out and replace bricks, remove the cracked, defective crown on top of the chimney and replace the poor fitting cap with a large stainless steel custom made multi flu chimney covering.

Now the homeowner has peace of mind when using their fireplace. They have a lifetime warranty, their chimney is leak free, and because it was a touch more than what we expected, we were able to break the total up over a comfortable period of time for them making the decision an easy one. If you think your fireplace or chimney has issues, don’t hesitate to call the experts.

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