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New Wood Burning Fireplace and Chimney Install/Remodel

Check this one out! Our customers came to us with the dream of transforming their open wall into a wood burning fireplace. Not only that but a masonry one to boot. Masonry fireplaces are almost unheard of being built onto a home after it’s already been built because of the difficulty. With today’s latest and greatest fireplace systems, we were able to install this one of a kind Isokern fireplace without having to tear into the basement and pour a new concrete footing. A couple additional features this fireplace has would be the PVC plumbing we ran into the wall behind the scenes that allowed the homeowner to pull new wires from behind the new TV mount down and over two hidden access points where they can plug in their electronics without having cords be seen. That’s thinking ahead!
Another really cool feature is the mantle. This one is actually made out of concrete, can you tell? It’s been hand crafted and hand-painted to the specific size dimension and look we were going for. Being though it’s concrete, we are allowed to move the fireplace mantle really close to the fireplace opening without fear of clearance to combustibles. We are so proud of the way this turned out, our Masons and certified install crew really pulled this one off. The homeowners could not be more pleased

What’s your thoughts on this fireplace? Could you see a masonry fireplace being added to your home?
Let us know if the comments, for a change to get up to $1000 off your home fireplace remodel.

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