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Chase Cover Installation/Leaks

Do you hear a drip in your chimney? Maybe you don’t hear a drip but home home smells musty. Maybe there’s darkening of the ceiling or wall from old or new water stains. Water entry through the chimneys most vulnerable area, the top of the chimney is all too often a reality to homeowners. 8/10 do not know they have a problem because there’s no obvious issues seen in the home. Chimneys are topped off with a part called a chase cover. A chase cover is essentially a shoebox lid for the top of the chimney. This shoe box lid has a hole in it for the flue to pass through. Wrapped around the pipe where the pipe passes through the chase cover is a skirt called a storm collar to shed water away from the home. The chase cover is never seen from the ground yet it is a flat metal surface that often lets water pond and when water ponds on a metal surface, it often rusts.

This is one of the many areas we inspect during our chimney inspections. This homeowner had applied caulking and it did not leak for a couple years. As you can see now, it slowly reeked havoc on the home. When we replace the chase cover we have one fabricated from a metal shop, local in Topeka, KS. Each one is measured to fit so precisely to your exact measurements we take during the inspection.

We were able to help this homeowner out with a stainless steel, one of a kind, chase cover. A stainless steel chase cover is guaranteed for the life of the home. This is definitely a repair where you fix it and forget it.

Is your chimney leaking? Call us today to schedule an appointment and have one of our certified technicians inspect your system.

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