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Ever wondered why your fireplace doesn’t put out heat? Almost as if the home gets colder when you’re having a fire!? Well, that was the concern here with this client of ours. She wanted to have a fireplace that was gorgeous but also be functional to put heat back to the home. Most “open” fireplaces (this means that you can stick your hand inside the fireplace and touch the grate) are great for that campfire feel or roasting marshmallows> However, they use the homes heated air to fuel the fire for combustion. This is what tends to make the home colder and our furnaces work harder. There is an alternative though.

This homeowner wanted ease of use and a beautiful fireplace so we strategized and inspected her setup to find out what would work best. We decided that a direct vent gas fireplace insert would be exactly what our client wanted and needed. We had to run gas into the fireplace as well as an electrical outlet so there would be no cords showing. These fireplaces use outside air for combustion instead of house hold air which makes these gas inserts very efficient. Once completed our client could not of been more thrilled and we are sure it is keeping her warm this cold winter season!

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