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Installation of Electric Fireplace

This is one of the jobs, we here at CFAC are most proud of. We have the only system in the US custom design by the owner himself to allow us to install a high output electric fireplace into a pre-existing prefab or factory built fireplace without having to remove the entire fireplace and force a homeowners hand to change the tile and or siding on the back of the home for access. We designed an enclosure that we custom fabricate at each homeowners home to fit the original prefab or factory built fireplace within a 16th of an inch along the facing and allow a spot for the new electric unit to be installed. We do this all at a fraction of the cost of others and the total job is a fraction of the cost considering you don’t have to pay the extra labor and materials because traditionally access can only be had by demoing the fireplace and everything around it in order to replace with it with an electric option.

Call us today to see how we can save you money and upgrade you to a high output electric fireplace unit. Stay warm this winter!

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